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Chronic Pain Examination & Diagnosis

At Rahimi Rehab + Pain Center, our chronic pain examinations focus on restoring function while managing the complexities of pain and its overall effects on body, mind, and spirit. A multifaceted approach to diagnostics typically begins with a physiatric and/or an electrodiagnostic consult.

Physiatric Consultation: Physiatrists are physicians who treat a wide range of problems from low back pain to carpal tunnel syndrome. The focus of the specialty is on restoring function to people. Physiatrists treat acute and chronic pain and musculoskeletal disorders. Their patients also include people with arthritis, tendonitis, spinal pain and work/sports related injuries.

As the focus of the specialty is on restoring patients to maximum function, the difference physiatrists make can be dramatic. Physiatric physicians treat the underlying pathology without surgeries, striving to reduce pain to acceptable levels to improve function so the patient can return to work, to living.

Electrodiagnostic Consultation: An Electrodiagnostic consultation involves a focused neuromuscular history and physical examination, the development of a differential diagnosis, the examination of muscles and nerves utilizing nerve conduction studies and electromyography, and the determination of a final diagnosis.

Effectively Mitigate Your Pain

Drawing upon the findings of the examination(s), Dr. Rahimi will direct a rehabilitation plan to not only effectively mitigate your pain, but increase the quality of life and function.

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